Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The letter

I've got writer's block.  Owen starts preschool in a few weeks, and I'm supposed to write a letter to his teacher describing him.  That's tough.  I don't want to gush and oversell him, but I don't want to pick him apart either.  And who knows what part of his current personality is his true nature and what part is average preschooler-ness.  Most adjectives I come up with have the feel of pigeonholing.  I hated being called shy when I was in school.  If you pull my old yearbooks out, here's what you'll find for 95% of the written entries:

Hey Shelley,
Great being in Mrs. So-and-so's class with you.  You're sooooo sweet and quiet.  Don't ever change.  Have a great summer!

I just wanted to grab the book back from them and pound them over the head with it.  Yeah okay sucker, how sweet am I now?

I may have had some repressed anger issues.

But back to Owen.  

Any advice on how to approach this assignment?  


Mimi said...

A delightful, happy boy who loves most things outdoors. Loves people and loves exploring anything new. Into dinosaurs, trains, planes, boats, and water! His Mimi and Grandaddy love him a whole bunch!

Uncle Joe said...

If you really want to rebel from your high school self, DONT WRITE THE LETTER!!

Grandma DD said...

WTG Joe - too funny. Shelley just be as open and honest as you can. Let the teacher know that you want to work with her to give Owen the best foundation possible. You want phone calls or notes not only for the the mischievous things he will do but for the successes too. One parent told me once - I'm giving you my most prized possession for a year. Please love him, direct him, teach him, encourage him and correct him with a firm and loving manner. Judge him for who he is and not against other children you have taught.

That has stayed with me to this day. BTW - the kid was a pill but I always went the extra mile with him because of the father.

I love you and you are one tremendous mother. You will find just the right things to say. Love you all.

Mom - DD

Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks everyone! I still have almost 2 weeks to get it done, so feel free to add your advice if you're just now reading.