Monday, August 22, 2011

Owen's Weekend Photojournal

Owen and Scott had some father-son time Saturday morning, and I sent O off with our old point-and-shoot camera so I could see what fun they had.  With the exception of photos 2,6, and 8, Owen took these shots.

First stop:  Krispy Kreme

In the car on the way to Lowe's to buy a pirate ship kit.  
Can you tell he got donut icing on the lens?  
And that's the nether-end of a T-Rex.

Back home in the basement putting the pirate ship together.

So where was I while they were out on their adventure?

Still working on the guest room.  The final wall had original 60s grasscloth pasted onto bare sheetrock.  If I were the architect of Hell, I would put walls exactly like this one there.  I would crush souls by making them prep it over and over with no hope of actually getting to the painting phase.  And just to show how demented I really am, I'd have this song playing on loop in the background.  

Oh, and lots of packing peanuts with fans blowing the little pieces of polystyrene all over the place so they can never quite get them all picked up.

No lake of fire necessary.


Rebecca Davenport said...

Love the guest room!! Can't wait to visit! The fan looks awesome.

Can't believe you took away the bowl cut. He is getting to old too fast.

MIssed reading the blogs. Glad to be home!

Grandma DD said...

Can't wait to sleep in our room!! Hurry up November!

Anonymous said...

You are one dedicated re-decorator!! Of course, the end results are always fantastic!!