Friday, September 30, 2011





1.  I can't believe Mommy's letting me make junk food!  (I mean she's a total pushover when it comes to me eating junk everywhere else, but she thinks she's extra virtuous or something for at least making sure the junk doesn't usually come from her own oven.  Keep foolin' yourself Mom...)

2.  She tried to get me to be all gentle cracking the eggs, but I just threw the whole thing into the bottom of the bowl.  Best. sound. ever.

3.  Then I started stirring,

4.  and stirring,

5.  and stirring.

6.  Yep, that's me still stirring.

7.  Ahhh, payoff.  I know, I know... salmonella shmamonella.

8.  Camera out of my face lady- no, I'm not smiling for you like I just had some blissful mother-son bonding experience.  I'm here for the chocolate.

9.  Still snapping?  Fine.  You get spoon.


Jennifer said...

Yum! Maybe I'll have to make brownies this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Making memories!! WTG sweet little momma!!

Coach said...

Hey Owen, Coach and grand-dad have been getting brownies made by DD at least twice a month for quite some time now and they are delicious; but she told me tonight that may come to a halt because she may be putting us on a diet. I need to be on one as much as I hate to admit it. You just continue making memories, messes and eating brownies.