Thursday, May 3, 2012


Planning to come back and add all his old birthday and half-birthday pics later today.  Right now I'm off to the dentist for a filling.  Ew.


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Oh, phooey.  Now I've made myself teary.  Let's distract ourselves with two random thoughts:
(1)  Owen has had a LOT of bad haircuts in his few short years.
(2)  Can we all let out a sigh of relief that his nose didn't stay the way it was in that newborn shot?

At Owen's request, I made him a chocolate cake with white icing and crushed peppermints on top.  (Well, I made half a cake that said Ha  Bir  Ow because I'm cheesy like that.)  I asked him what made him think of such a cake, and he said he made it up, which is voodoo creepy because that is the exact kind of cake my late grandmother made for me when I was a kid.  Surely I've casually mentioned that around Owen at some point?  Or has Owen had it at your house, Mom?


Jennifer said...

He's so adorable. Love you all so much!

Anonymous said...

Our little man. You have approximately 14 years until he is on his own. Enjoy every moment!!

Coach said...

At least he still has hair. Don't tell him, but he won't have any when he gets to be older if I remember my biology correctly. Love the blog and all of you.

Coach said...

We are sooo proud of him!!!