Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Missing Italy

It's been almost a year since we left for a month's adventure in Italy, so lately I've been eating Nutella and working on Italy-related projects just to torture myself.

I got a notice that My Publisher is having a 60% off sale through the end of May, so I decided to finally compile all the photos we took during our trip into a book.  I've got to spend $200 to get the price knocked down to $80, so maybe I'll even finally get around to making Owen a baby book or two.  Good thing he's a dude and probably won't care about that sentimental stuff anyways.

And I've recently gone back to working on a watercolor of Rugiagli, the farm where we stayed.  I started on it not long after we got back, but my technique stunk and I got discouraged.  Round 2 is going much better!  My plan is to send it to the Bassani's (the owners of the property) as a gift.  Maybe I'll try to salvage attempt No. 1 (on the left side of the paper) and keep that one for us.  I'll try to post final picks when it's finished.

Owen asks about going back to Rugiagli at least once a week, and I'd love to go back too.  But overseas travel ain't cheap, and it would mean sacrificing the chance to go new places.  What do you think is better: finding that one special place and learning its every nuance or continually exploring places new?  In other words, are you the kind of traveller who commits or do you like to keep it casual and date around?  You know, are you the Kirk Cameron or the Tiger Woods of traveling?  

Okay, okay, okay... I'll stop now.


Anonymous said...

You are so talented! I wish I had your energy!

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! I wish I had your energy!

Coach said...

I have the same problem. There are so many things your mom and I did not see in San Francisco I would love to go backhand see; not only there, but almost every city we have been to visit the ball parks. We have never had enough time or money to stay long enough to see all we want to see. I guess until new ball parks are built in all of the cities we will wait and go back and continue to visit new places. I agree with your mom, you really are sooo talented!!

Aunt Pam said...

I would love to go and see alot of different places at least once but as you know the place I know well is Las Vegas! So now you know what kind of traveler Uncle Ralph is, right? Can't wait to see your water color, I know it will be beautiful.

Rebecca Davenport said...

I am Tiger Woods. Dont tell Joe!