Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Hike

Since I still owe you guys pics of the trails in our own backyard, I thought I should start by clarifying that these are not them.  Maybe someday ours will be this nice! On Saturday afternoon we went with a bunch of friends to hike in Red Mountain Park.

 Owen spent several hours preparing and packing.  If you enlarge the photo on the left, you can see where he's even got sunscreen clipped to the outside of his bag.  He also brought two kinds of snacks and a spy watch.  If you enlarge the photo on the right, you will see proof of his failure to pack wet wipes.

Part of an old mine.  Christine told me that when Owen first entered the clearing and spotted it, he referred to the ruin as stunning.  Sometimes he reminds me of Manny from Modern Family.

The older girls had an overnight GA event the night before, and it caught up with them about halfway into the hike.  Owen actually got more and more energetic as we went, running a good portion of the trail back.  (Thank you Robin for running with him!)

It was a great afternoon!  I would suggest for next time though that we add the zip lines and delete getting ticks.


Aunt Pam said...

I remember when all of you played up in the woods, all of you would get chiggars and ticks. Wow! brought back a few memories. Glad Owen is getting to experience the woods and trails.

Anonymous said...

Another great post! I just love watching that little man grow up and have fun with his friends!! Love you so much!!!

Coach said...

Chiggers and ticks do bring back a lot of memories from my childhood as well. I love to see that smile on his face; he has already learned to keep his apples up.

Anonymous said...

that boy has some amazing packing skills! He reminds you of Manny...that's hilarious! He knows was "stunning"!! Loved spending the day with y'all, as always!