Friday, May 11, 2012


Uncle Tommy and Aunt Charolette came over a few days ago to give us some tomato plants.  And then Uncle Tommy was kind enough to give Owen a lesson in planting and caring for them.  I payed attention too.

We're going to put three out in the sun the old-fashioned way and try two in the greenhouse.  I forgot and left the grow light on the first night, and Scott said it startled him when he glanced out the window.  I think he thought a spaceship had landed in our backyard or something.  Here's to having tomatoes in about 60 days!

Thanks so much Aunt Charolette and Uncle Tommy.

Happy weekend everyone!


Seds11 said...

Wish we were offered some!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! Home grown tomatoes! How special is that!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

They are too sweet! I love that Uncle T is in those blue coveralls. I hope you get some good maters out of those! Next time we are there we can have a caprese salad with your Italy sauce and pasta! xoxo

Coach said...

You are raising Owen right, teaching him to eat vegetables early (although I guess tomatoes are actually a fruit; if I remember correctly). Growing your own garden helps in so many ways, the hard work planting the garden, taking care of it and then picking the vegetables; then of course getting to eat the fruits of your labor. It is a win/win situation.