Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Grief Charlie Brown!

So there you have it.  We were Peanuts characters for Halloween.  I went the homespun route and pieced together most of the costumes from our own closets and the clearance rack at local stores - which made for a more subtle disguise than I might have originally intended.  Owen's was certainly the only stand-alone outfit.  Scott's appearance and mine didn't make much sense to people without him around.  In fact, I could gauge my proximity to Owen just by the level of confusion with which people gazed at me.  When people walked past me and kept staring over their shoulder so long that I thought they might run into a post, I knew I'd let myself get separated from the pack.  

My favorite wrong guess for who Scott was supposed to be?  The hamburglar.   I admit the mask and cape were misleading (I was going for this.) And the absence of the little piano was a near fatal flaw in his costume, but the "I Love Beethoven" pin should have been a great clue that he was Schroeder.  Right?  Well if Scott had to suffer the humiliation of being misidentified, at least he was able to enjoy being right:  "I told you nobody was going to know who I am."

And my favorite comment about my costume?  That I looked like Lady Heather, the dominatrix from CSI.   I aimed for wholesome 1950's cartoon character and landed on Vegas madam instead.  Not a bad miss; I simply helped Lucy put the strip in comic strip.

Owen would like to thank Sarah Elizabeth, Uncle Drew, Laura, and Uncle Tommy & Aunt Charolette for letting him come by to trick-or-treat.  What fun!


sarah elizabeth said...

So glad ya'll came by! Love the pics! Wish we could have gotten one together! Also love the strip comment! Funny the resemblance! Just kidding! Enjoy the candy corn and spider rings!

Coach said...

Sorry we could not be there. Your idea was ingenious as usual. Your mother and I were not at home to receive trick or treaters because the high school volleyball team played Barbers Hill for the district championship at 4:30 in Dayton and the football team played Galena Park in Galena Park at 7:00 so we were sporting it all night. But back to your Halloween adventures: I thought all three of you looked great and when Owen gets old enough to realize what his parents were willing to do for him he will appreciate it just as much. It feels like we have missed so much, just watching him stand alone and the fun and excitement all of you seem to be having watching him change daily. We will see all of you in less than a week. Thanks again for the blogs and the little explanations you place with each of them. The pictures are so enjoyable, but the things you have to say make them come more to life. Coach

Kari said...

I love it!!! The three of you look GREAT!!!