Tuesday, June 16, 2009


So Owen is missing his arms, and you've been missing him.  I did the working mom thing for the past two weeks, and I'm pleased to say life will be simpler starting this week.  Oh, and I just finished the last of the Twilight series so that should open up some free time too.

To make it up to you, I'll post for the next 7 days straight.  I may have to resort to writing about the cats just to have fresh material, but (barring any major power outages or computer viruses) we'll be here.  In the words of my sixth grade teacher Mrs. Walsingham, I'll take "fifty lashes with a wet noodle" if it turns out I'm lying.


Grandma DD said...

This is precious! I wish I was there in person and could hug him up and kiss him bunches!! Hey, I finished Twilight and New Moon and now I went and bought Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I'm half way through the Eclipse. Thanks for getting me hooked on them! I sent you an email about the 5th book -- Midnight sun. Love you. DD

Rebecca Davenport said...

Love the jumpsuit.
Curious about Shelley's ruffly pants/skirt?
Is the house rearranged?

My sister and my mom are vampire nerds!!


Coach said...

He looks like he is getting so tall. Isn't it wonderful to see how they learn so many new things in such a short period of time. Did he ever figure out how to get his arms out of his shirt? See all of you in a couple of weeks. Grandpa Coach