Monday, June 22, 2009

Everyday Owen: 1st Guster show

Day 7.  My word is gold.

We had a great time at City Stages last night, and it turns out Owen is quite the Guster fan (Exibit A: The video below).  And look, I'm in the pictures!  All because Aunt Jenny graciously took on the sacrificial role of photographer.  Thanks Jenn; we loved having you here to visit! 


Rebecca Davenport said...

Looks like yall had fun! It's nice to see you in the pics!!

1.5 weeks to San Diego!!

Joe said...

Hate to be a stickler... but on Tuesday you said you'd post for the NEXT seven days. So you owe us one more tomorrow.

One more Owen please.

Jennifer said...

Miss you guys! I hope Owen hasn't cried too much from missing his Aunt 'Nen-nee'. Have fu with Christine and family. See you in 8 days!!

Grandma DD said...

He did go to concerts in the womb?? Therefore, he should love all the music you two like!! Precious family!!!!

Coach said...

As your mother said, he did go with you to concerts before he was born. Do you remember him getting that excited before birth. It is great to see all of you having so much fun. I also want to thank Jennifer for being there to take some pictures with you, Scott and Owen in them. It looked like all of you had a great time. Tell Joe thank you for countingthe posts. The picture of Owen in the bathroom sink is a keeper. You need to hang on to it. Grandpa Coach