Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Joe is Right

No, I didn't put Owen up there. Yes, I did go grab the camera first instead of just safely escorting him to the ground. His climbing skills have developed mad fast over the past week. I even caught him going from a chair to the top of our buffet to the window, which only has about a 2-inch ledge. And he's just about figured out how to slide chairs around to use as makeshift stools. How do you baby-proof against that? I can't exactly remove all the chairs from our house. (Hmmm... unless I redecorate with a Moroccan theme.)

Joe - You got me this time, but don't expect me to be so accommodating once we've officially suckered you into our family. ;)


Joe said...

Thank you!

My favorite part of this pic is that the little guy climbed all the way into the sink to attempt some tooth brushing.

Rebecca Davenport said...

His face makes me giggle!

Grandma DD said...

Love it!! He is one quick little fellow; I know that for a fact!! When I was 18 months old I climbed up on the kitchen cabinet and then proceeded to climb a set of shelves to the ceiling where I saw mom putting cute little bottles there --- medicine. She caught me while I was at the top popping the tops off of her medicine. Just be sure your medicine is locked up. He might take after me! DD

Coach said...

I don't know if I remember climbing much when I was that small (although I am sure I did), but I do know after I got older I could an would climb most anything. When he gets older, tell him not to tell his employer he is not afraid of heights because I made that mistake and was assigned to work 7-10 stories off the ground with just a safety belt holding me. See you in a week. Grandpa Coach