Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Everyday Owen: 1st Skinned Knee

It happened at the park when he stepped off the sidewalk accidentally.  He'd just met a really cute 11-month-old named Rebecca, so I don't think walking had his undivided attention.

And can you tell from his hair how H-O-T it is here?


Rebecca Davenport said...

Oh Oweey ask uncle Joe about girls named Rebecca. They are bad news!!

Grandma DD said...

Did anyone kiss it and make it feel better? You need Papa with his monkey blood!! I stayed orange my whole life! He takes after me.

Coach said...

If he plays sports or outside very much, this won't be the last skinned place he'll get. And Rebecca took the words right out of my mouth. I was going to say he should ask Joe about girls named Rebecca. Though I think Joe and Rebecca both made good choices.
I am sure Mama kissed it and made it feel all better. The medicine that they make today does not burn as much as what they used to put on bobo's. Take care and we will see all of you soon. Grandpas Coach