Saturday, June 20, 2009


That's what Owen calls them.  I was giddy when we got lucky a few weeks ago and happened to be at the zoo when they were letting people feed the giraffes (for $2 of course).  They gave us these pellets that looked like wine corks, and all we had to do was hold them out long-ways between our fingers and Juno walked up and ate them.  According to her keeper, she was in a bad mood that day (something about her biting people), but Owen and I thought she was perfectly sweet.

I did get in trouble for deviating from the feeding ritual by petting Juno on the nose.  Her keeper acted just like the guy with the red stapler from Office Space.  "Um, don't pet... she doesn't... you can't... they... they don't like being touched."  

As soon as he looked away though, Juno gave me an exasperated smile of approval.  I'm pretty sure I'm a giraffe whisperer.


Rebecca Davenport said...

Cant wait to take him to the zoo in San Diego!!!'

Grandma DD said...

We are an animal loving family. Just wish I could get you all to love bugs like I do!!!!! Just you wait Owen. We are going to play with beatles, meal worms, lizards, grasshoppers, fireflys, ants, pill bugs, and on and on and on.......