Friday, June 19, 2009

Everyday Owen: 1st sucker

Well, I actually only caught the aftermath of the first sucker.  It was a dum-dum, for all you detail fanatics.  Root beer to be exact.  Oooh, DD is jealous!

And did I mention that the outside thermostat is set on Hades Hot around here?  I'm talking sunglasses-sliding-down-the-sweat-on-your-nose hot.


Rebecca Davenport said...

Joey is jealous too! Please tell me he didn't find that in the yard?

Coach said...

If you remember, I used to love suckers with the bubble gum in the middle (blowpops). He might be like me from that standpoint. It looks like he is enjoying it. Everytime you post something, he is learning so many new things about life from vocabulary, to suffering injuries to the different kinds of food or things he can put in or on his mouth. Thanks again for keeping us up on things. Grandpa Coach

Grandma DD said...

Go Rootbeer! I can find rootbeer barrels anywhere! DD