Thursday, February 18, 2010

All's fair

Just when the young warrior thought his campaign of sneak attacks and food tampering had swung the tide of war in his favor, the clever cat went guerrilla on him.

She peed in his beloved suitcase.

August 2009


Jennifer said...

Awwww! Poor suitcase! Love you!

Grandma DD said...

Both of our cats have reached the age where they mark everything. I caught Bubba on my pillow so now I hide it every morning. So far he has just marked their little bedding. Thanks for the new post. I love watching my Owen!! Word verification for this post is funning and goes with your plight -- cleneump

Coach said...

Yea, I guess with most animals living outside they feel they have to mark their territory and no matter where they are their animal instincts kick in and sometimes at the wrong time. As your mama said, Bubba ruined the new beddings we bought for him and sissy. They both belonged to him after that until we brought the little cat in from outside for a while and now she sleeps on both of them in the back bathroom. We mayhave to make a decision soon on what to do with her. She is naturally an outdoor cat and prefers to be outside but there are so many dangers outdoors we hate to take a chance on something happening to her. She is such a loveable cat. Keep a close eye on the cats because they will continue to mark their territory. Sissy has not been guilty of this yet to my knowledge.