Friday, February 19, 2010

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away

C3PO is the only character Owen refuses to correctly identify. (It is O and not 0, right?  I know details like that are crucial in the Star Wars Nerd Nation.)

Owen refers to him as 2PS.  I figure he's thinking,  Hey, if we're just stringing random letters and numbers together here I might as well pick ones that are easy to say.  

Owen took this all by himself.


Grandma DD said...

Precious!!! I will listen to this one over and over again!! Growing up too fast.

Rebecca Davenport said...

YEAH!!! He likes his bath toys!!

Coach said...

He continues to grow up right before our very eyes. He has such a good memory due to the two of you working with him on a daily basis. What you are doing is so important at his age. Reading to him and showing him things to stretch his brain cells and his imagination. So many of the children in kindergarten do not have exposure to the things Owen is being exposed to and he will have such an advantage when he starts school. Keep up the good work. He will be so far advanced than his classmates when he gets in school. Thank you for the posts. As he gets older, I will send you the Neuhaus learners guide to teaching him how to say the letters of the alphabet in the correct manner. Phonics will be so important in his learning how to read. The way we were taught to say the letters was completely wrong. You and Scott may have been taught wrong as well. What we were taught is close, but not exact. He has a couple of years before he has to worry about that.