Friday, February 26, 2010


excavator + water + rocks + a buddy to share it with


Grandma DD said...

He's a doll and he seems to have grown 3 inches since we last saw him. Like my word verificatin says . . . . sizzle!

Coach said...

It looks like he is definitely going to be the outdorrs type. He seems to love being around big trucks, out in the woods and in the sunshine. Of course that can also mean being outdoors with his dad and grand-dad on the golf course every chance he gets. But that is great too. They need that time for some male bonding. He looks like he is enjoying being with his friend. This is another area you are doing such a great job. It is so important he gets out and learns to play, share and communicate (building his vocabulary) in his own way with boys and girls close his age. We always look forward to the next time we will see all of you.