Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Image via BananaRepublic.com

I saw this visor beanie at an after-Christmas sale, thought it fit my sartorial style (whatever that is), bought it and have proceeded to make it my little snowy weather friend this winter.  I have worn it dozens and dozens of times, each time feeling almost as cool as miss model with the fingerless gloves up there.

We woke to more fresh snow today, so when Owen and I were heading out for the morning I naturally grabbed my cable knit buddy and crammed it down low over my forehead.

"No hat Mommy.  Mommy take hat off!"

"What?  Why?  Don't you think I look cool Owen?  Like one of those Olympic snowboarder girls?"

With almost no inflection, Owen said, "No."  And he turned his back on me and walked to the door.


Later, when we were coming back home, we got stuck behind a car with modified exhaust.  

"What dat no-eez?"

"That's just a guy who fixed his car so it would be loud and people would notice him.  Do you think he is silly?  Or do you think he is cool?"


"You don't think he is silly?"


So there you have it.  As if I didn't get a clear enough message in high school, my toddler has now verified that I am not even as cool as a guy who most likely spends his weekends in the McDonald's parking lot with his car hood raised. 

Dreamcakes?  Definitely cool.


Grandma DD said...

I love to read what you write. You are so good. When are you starting on your book?? Love ya Owen -- You're cool just like your mom!!

Kari Anne said...

Too funny! That's okay...Karson doesn't think I'm cool either...but I still do things even though she says 'that isn't cool mother!' and then Megan has to go and agree with her and say 'yeah, that's not too cool aunt Kari!'... LOL...

...the 'words' for word verification are too funny...today my word is 'fludgers'...

Rebecca Davenport said...

Why have you kept dreamcakes from me?? They look so good! Bring dreamcakes in March! :)

Coach said...

Isn't it amazing how when I was growing up cool was a term that pertained only to the temperature and then when I got into teaching it became known as an emotion or attitude (indifference)as well. All this does is make it more confusing for children (and adults) these days to keep up with what is being said to them. It can also make it more fun.

Coach said...

Shelley, one other thing, the model doesn't have anything on you.
All you have to do is ask Scott and he will tell you that.