Saturday, February 13, 2010

Last of the snow


I tried something new and bombed. Just click on it to go to Photobucket so you can see the 4th column of pics. Any advice techie friends and family?  Nevermind... guess the 4th column was just feeling shy the first night I posted.

Row 3, column 2: Rabbit tracks
Row 2, column 3 and Row 3, Column 4: Our neighbor Kate


Grandma DD said...

The photos are great!! Love you all. Wish I were frolicking in the snow with you!

Rebecca Davenport said...

I think it turned out great! I can see all the pics! I didnt realize that you had been posting! I have been under a rock the last few days! I love you! I am so excited about your trip! I got all my days off, Joe got a few too!! YEA!!!

Kari Anne said...

Too cool! I LOVE Owens green boots!!

Coach said...

It is hard to believe Birmingham gets snow so many times. We are jealous. It would be fun just to sit and watch it fall. As your mother will tell you I am not much
fun when it comes to messing up the
freshly fallen snow. I like to look at it first before getting out into it and playing. It looks as though Owen's attitude toward it is changing. He looks like he is enjoying himself. Make those memories and stay in his life today so you will have those memories tomorrow.