Tuesday, June 29, 2010

B & A: Changing Table

It's Day 7 of potty training, and Owen is doing well enough that I decided this morning to pack up the changing pad and diapering paraphernalia.  Part of me fears that I have now jinxed myself, but keeping all that stuff around is akin to a newly thin man keeping all of his 52-inch waist pants.  Oprah would just not approve.

Kimeran found the dresser/changing table at a local consignment shop before Owen was born.  It belonged to the same family for about 40 years but looked like it had spent the last portion of that time in storage.  It needed a little love and a lot of furniture oil.

But we were renovating our house at the time.  Then Owen came early, and I got busy feeding him and keeping him alive and all that stuff, and so the dresser got plunked in the nursery as-was.

And so today the dresser got its long-awaited spa day, along with a repurposing to commemorate Owen's latest growing up milestone.

A woman who owns a local antique store tipped me off about this stuff.  It's amazing.  Just rub it into the furniture with some fine steel wool.  Buh-bye water rings!  The veneer had chipped off around the edge of a lot of the drawers too so I hit them with some dark wood stain, and they camouflaged nicely. That the wood looks warmer in the before photo is just a testament to my pathetic photography skills.

I found the vintage Luxo lamp for $4 when I was thrifting with Rebecca in Orlando last week.  Something about the way it moves with its hinges and springs makes it seem more like a pet than a room accessory.  I can see why Pixar chose to animate one of these little guys.  I also got the jar (its not a wine decanter its not a wine decanter its not a wine decanter!) at a thrift store, and Owen will use it to store his rock and coin collection.  Current count:  a pitiful 5.  But he's still smiling!


Grandma DD said...

Wow! You have been busy. So good to hear little man is doing so well with PT.

Grandma DD said...

I hit return and it came through without me finishing. I think I might try that with our dining table. Can't hurt!! Love you all.

Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness! He is not a baby anymore. I'm tearing up. He looks like such a big boy in this picture. A happy big boy. :( :) I'm happy and sad at the same time!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Love it! Never new how much I liked that dresser until now!! so cute!!

Coach said...

It does not matter how old your children get when you start to look through their old things, it causes your heart to ache. You never want to throw things out. I read in Ann Landers this morning about a mom who threw everything away when her daughter left the house for a semester of school or for any reason.
She threw away her favorite sentimental dolls from her childhood.
You are making good use of the changing table by allowing another family to get use out of it while it can still be used, especially with all of the work you put into it. Owen really is getting tall and is growing up so fast.