Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This post is a wee scatological

Well folks, tomorrow is the big day.  I had to put it on the calendar just to get myself to quit procrastinating about it.  I will be using the exact same book that imparted wisdom to my own mother.  May it bring me luck.  I'm reading it for a second time today, and I plan to follow its instructions to the letter, just like the grade grabbing nerd I've always been.

During my study sessions, I found this little gem on page 110:

Yep, it actually says, "Happiness is dry pants."  I think it could be the next poster phenomenon

And while I'm torturing you with this subject, I would like to share that I found myself in the pharmacy section yesterday buying MiraLAX 

for a cat.

Specifically this one:


Kari Anne said...

Good luck Shell! I found out about the book from your mom after I had potty trained Karson...LOL...

Uncle Joe said...

I guess I'm losing my poop buddy

Grandma DD said...

Prayer also helps so I will be praying without ceasing all day. Good Luck my love. I know it works!! Dry through the night, too. @Joe - you have a poop buddy! Becky could never make that trip unless she had someone to talk too!! I miss those days!

Coach said...

Being a kindergarten principal, I know Owen's teachers will appreciate you taking the time to do this. Remember, another word for patience is understanding. That was something I probably did not have enough of when raising you girls. Do your best to remember how old he is and try to understand he is doing his best.