Thursday, June 10, 2010

Best way to end a day of yardwork

Being chased by a toddler with a garden hose


Warm showers

Blueberry pancakes for dinner

Need a hint for yesterday's pop quiz?  Pythagorean Theorem.  Come on now, someone make me proud!


Aunt Pam said...

You and Owen were having a blast! Love those pictures! Abby and Gabe played in the water hose with Brad a few weekends ago. They loved it!

Grandma DD said...

I love the raindrops picture! Way to make memories with him! He will remember it when he gets older that this is something you did every day. That's the way kids think.

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

What great pictures for great memories!

Whitney said...
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Whitney said...

This might be the absolutely cutest pictures of the two of you ever! It makes me miss playing with our water hose/sprinklers with my brothers during the summer. Miss you both and I hope to see you both soon.