Saturday, June 26, 2010

It don't hurt

The hottest commodity for Owen at the farmer's market today?


Couldn't quite capture it, but he looked like a coal miner.  I think I even saw some hippies laughing at his appearance.  Appropriate since, minus a creepy smile, that second photo makes me think of Mike Gordon on the cover of Billy Breathes.


Rebecca Davenport said...

wow he is dirty. looks like a bum not hippy! but I still love him!

Grandma DD said...

Did he have a dirt necklace too?

Coach said...

Wait until he plays his first basball game and gets on the dirt infield, slides, etc. or plays in his first footall game on a muddy field. By the time he gets that age, he will love being dirty. You will be the one who hates having to get his uniforms clean for the next game. Dirt is part of being a kid; not just boys either. But, you are right, it does not hurt.