Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ball Boy

Early last summer Scott and I had dinner with Drew.  We had just started telling everyone our happy news, and I remember Drew asked me if I thought he would make a good uncle.  

The night Owen was born, Drew paced the halls of the hospital so nervously that he could have been mistaken for a father-to-be himself (or so I've been told...I was of course busy elsewhere). And even though it was touching to watch each of our family members make their initial introductions to our son, I'll never forget the look on Drew's face the first time he held Owen. 

So what got me thinking about all this?  That ball in the video was a gift from Uncle Drew, and Owen has barely let go of it since it entered his possession.  I have to alternate it from one hand to the other to change his clothes.  I have to coax him to hold it above his head while I change his diapers.  At nap time today, I had to wait for him to doze off before I could ease it from his grasp.  And I'm sure that ball will be just one of many beloved gifts Owen receives from his Uncle Drew.

Yep Drew, you make a wonderful uncle.


Anonymous said...

The music you find to go with the video is always so perfect....stop turn my head around was right on que. I love watching him grow through your videos. Thanks so much. I know it's so time consuming but it is so appreciated.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Sweet.. P.S. love those baskets! =)

Rebecca Davenport said...

He will play soccer.... :o)

Kari said...

Too cute!!! Look at him go!