Thursday, September 25, 2008

Shoe story

Last Saturday night, we came to the realization that Owen had probably outgrown the little Stride Rites we picked up at the outlet mall back in May.  Which created a dilemma for me the next morning when I was dressing him for church.  Should I (A) hang my head and pass him through the Dutch door of his Sunday school class in his socked feet or (B) cram his sweet little piggies into the only shoes we have?  

I shamefully report that I decided his toes were less likely to bruise than my ego.  Option B it was.  And when we returned to the nursery after the service, we were handed a pitiful, fretting, barefoot baby.  
So Grandmother Kimeran and I made plans today to take Owen to the same store that shoed his dad 30 years ago, and Owen got the full-service treatment.  He quickly selected a mini-Merrell from the display and began chewing on it while I checked out the rest of our options.  He had his foot sized at 3.5 (only one-and-a-half sizes smaller than the ones I forced on him days earlier).  And after these shoes were deemed the winners, they put him on the counter and snapped a photo to commemorate his first official shoe store visit.  Then we went to lunch where a couple of cute college girls doted on Owen and told him he had some nice "kicks".

So see?  The story has a happy ending.  And a just one too.  Because while Owen got new shoes, guess what I got today?

A root canal.  


Anonymous said...

Now he will probably take off walking with all of that support. Don't fret!! I did the same thing with you only worse. You were wearing a size 11 and when we went in to get fitted you needed a size 2. That's a four size difference. Feet grow rapidly the first two years!! Love you. Hope the root canal took care of your problems.

Kari said...

How he looks sporting his new "kicks"!! He is too cute for words!! Those big blue eyes are going to be lady killers for the rest of his life!!

Aunt_Becky said...

Shelley I just can't wait to hold him again!