Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ze Zoo

Scott and I ventured to the zoo with Owen for the first time yesterday.  And for the second time this week, we found ourselves out in the rain. (But at least this time we had some cute animals to look at.  Scott's humor wasn't nearly so good last Sunday when I coaxed him into leaving our perfectly good car in the driveway while we strolled 2 miles to get pizza, only to have the skies split open at just the moment it was time to walk back home.  Memories, I say!)
Owen:  "Ditty!"
Scott:  "No, not a kitty.  That's a kangaroo."
Owen:  "Ditty!"
Shelley:  "Nope, that's a sea lion."
Shelley:  "See the ring-tailed lemur?"
Owen:  "Ditty!"

Scott:  "Look Owen, the goat is eating hay right out of my hand."
Owen: "Ditty!"

Mental note for our next zoo trip:  Head straight for the lion and tiger enclosures.


Aunt_Becky said...

I can't wait until next summer when we take him to the biggest zoo and he will be able to say so much more than ditty! Love you1

Kari said...

Too sweet!

pb said...

I love all the blogs! I am playing catch up. We just got our internet and cable service back up last night. We so enjoyed yours and Owen's last visit! I enjoyed getting to play with him. He is one little precious boy.
Love to all and big hugs!