Monday, September 15, 2008

Games Owen Plays

Owen is starting to catch on to little games Scott plays with him. (Not so much when I'm the teacher though. Is that because I do too many serious things like put him to bed, change his diapers, keep him from using the pizza cutter he snagged from the dishwasher to sever his finger?)  Well regardless, it's cute and I have a blast watching the two of them interact.

This week I'll try to feature some of the fun we have with Owen.

And for anyone out there who checks in with us from time to time but hasn't had the chance to comment, we'd love to hear from you!  (There's even a snazzy blogging term for it:  DE-LURKING)  All the Texas folk who usually write us are busy sitting in the dark, sweating and watching their freezers thaw, so our site could be sadly void of comments this week.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'll leave a comment! That is precious and I love the teeth! They are so white! yay!

Anonymous said...

Hello!!!! I sure needed this. This is the highlight of our day. We got the tree cut down off of the garage. All the neighbors are pitching in and helping one another. It's a big block party. I also love the shiny little teeth. Can't wait for the rabbit teeth to come in. Love you all. Camping out in the house in TEXAS!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for helping me "de-lurk" myself...I'll be sure to show Graham the new video tomorrow...he loves to watch "Baby Owen" even though I keep telling him Owen will be as big as he is sooner than later!! And by the way, the early intevention SLP in me is super-proud of this skillfull display of turn-taking and social interaction!! See you soon!

Rebecca Davenport said...

AWE Look at my pooh bear! His teeth have grown more and they are very white!

I got a pasta bowl in the mail today!!! Thank you!


Shelley & Scott said...

Yay! Thanks for catering to my pitiful plea for comments. His teeth do stand out don't they?

And a special welcome to first-time commenter Elizabeth!

Kari said...

Hey there!! This is the first time I've really been on the computer since the hurricane. I have missed my every two day Owen shot!! His is too cute for words!!! Love the teeth!! Have a great day!

Love to all!