Thursday, September 11, 2008

We DON'T like Ike

To all our friends and family on the Texas Gulf Coast,

Stay safe and dry if you are sheltering in place.  And traveling mercies to those of you who are evacuating.  We will be following the storm and waiting anxiously to hear from you.  We love you!

S, S & O


Anonymous said...

I don't like Ike either and neither does Tina! Let's just hope and pray we don't get the tornadoes. That's my only concern. Thanks for the well wishes. Love you.

Shelley & Scott said...

Wow, Mom. I had to sleep on that one to figure out who Tina was. I thought you were talking about a neighbor or something!

So how does Mamie feel about him?

Anonymous said...

She thinks he's a splash!! Or does she think he's a little wet behind the ears. No, -- a big bag of wind. Hurry -- get me a cane, these are getting worse. LOL just having fun in the worst of times.