Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Games 2.0

Scott taught him this one too.  My apologies to environmentalists everywhere - I did not put it back on the roll.


Rebecca Davenport said...

What do you call this game? Did he pull it off by himself?

Shelley & Scott said...

Oh I don't know...the TP Flee?

I didn't witness him actually unrolling it, so it's possible one of the cats was an accomplice.

Anonymous said...

Rollin --- Rollin ---Rollin on TP. Do..do..do......do.do.do.....These have been great posts. Show us some more.


Kari said...

TOO CUTE!!!!! Karson did the same thing!!! I walked into the bathroom (her dad was "watching" her) and there was a huge pile on the floor!! I couldn't help but laugh...and I didn't put it back on the roll either.