Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Everyday Owen

So I've received constructive criticism about this blog from two sources in as many days, and the gist of it is this:  Quit trying so hard, Shelley.  So what's two people?  Well in my case, probably 25% of my regular readership, so I figure I'd better listen!  And plus...well...they're right.

So in their honor, I'm announcing Everyday Owen, a new blog feature that will bring you images of Owen and only images of Owen.  No punny blog title; no special occasion or theme; no overworked commentary.  Simply everyday Owen doing normal stuff.  Feel free to leave a comment and make requests, and I'll do my best to document that part of our day (within good taste, people!).

Naturally I'll continue to do the other kind of posting a few times a week too, because frankly, writing them has been a really fun outlet for me.  I'll just throw in the EO to fill in the blank spaces.

Here's to making everyone happy!


Jennifer said...

Please don't change anything about your blogs!!!! I love them! And I'm so thankful that you write them... I didn't even know Owen had two teeth...much less FOUR! Thank you for the blogs, pictures, stories, jokes, etc. LOVE YOU!

Grandma DD said...

What? I love what you do on here! You better not change the puns, the stories or any of your creative writing. I'm so sorry someone has made you feel bad about your blogs. I love them and that should settle that! Mom

BTW - Love the picture!!! He's so cute. Got my invitation in the mail today. Cute idea and I love the little magnet! RSVP-We're coming.

Shelley & Scott said...

No, it's okay! I think this could be the start of something fun. I really hope you all will have a good time thinking of things you want to see...like what O looks like when he first wakes up or how he reacts when he hears Scott coming in the front door.

I'll keep writing too. This is just a way to fill in all those days the blog sits idle while I come up with new stuff to say!

Aunt_Becky said...

MUWHAHAHAHAHA! I am the complainer! I want more everyday Owen pictures! I was merely saying that Shelley could just post pictures and simple updates... I know she is a busy mommy. Don't get me wrong I love that she even post things, and i love the punny tittles. Lets see my request would be: laughing, walking... or the pitiful whine and face he does when you make him try to walk, playing on his own, and what does he do when Scott comes home? I apologize if I came across mean or critical! And I never said that I didn't want blogs about Shelley. I care about mommy too!

Kari said...

I agree! I love what you do for us who can't see him, you and Scott all the time! The blogs are wonderful! I love clicking on your site to see if there are new pictures and exciting stories of what Owen has done that day or week! He is too cute! Even though I have only seen him a couple of times, reading your blog and seeing the pictures of him make me feel like I am there watching him grow! They are wonderful!! And I wouldn't change how you are doing any of them. I can't wait to see Owen in his first Halloween costume!! I wonder what he will be??!!??


P.S. Your blogs brighten my day!!!

Grandma DD said...

See there, that last comment confirms that I can keep my mouth shut!!! LOL. DD