Friday, October 10, 2008


A lady at the park last week invited us to a free class at her Kindermusik studio.  She seemed a little odd, but only in a Mr. Rogers kind of way.  And weirdness is an asset when your work involves entertaining children, right?  When I read up on-line about it, the program promised we would experience the "essence of quality time":  gazing into baby's eyes, dancing together, snuggling during story time, and twirling under a sea of scarves.  So we decided to take her up on her offer today.

We were greeted by our sweet, perky, hippie teacher (hereafter known as SPHT), and she gathered us in a circle and launched into Welcome Starshine, which has lyrics that allow each child to be greeted while doing a motion of his or her own choice.  Fletcher was first, and he and his mom chose to clap.

Welcome today, friends of mine
Welcome today, little starshine
Clap, clap for Fletcher
Clap, clap for Fletcher

Reagan chose to sway.  Campbell choo-chooed, and Ava did something darling like blow kisses. Just as SPHT began to literally sing the question, "What would little Owen like to do?", Owen darted from my lap and headed for the door.  His apparent answer:  leave.

Wave bye to Owen
Wave bye to Owen

And we never really recovered.  Owen was the anti-participant of the class.  When SPHT brought out the giant drum, the other babies positioned themselves around it like adorable convicts putting their hands on the hood of a car.  Owen squeezed between two of them and climbed onto the drum.  Three times.  That "essence of quality time" we were supposed to experience while snuggling with a book and twirling under a sea of scarves was spent fishing Owen out of the other babies' car seats and mothers' purses.  

Owen's one redeeming moment came during This Little Light of Mine when he pointed his finger.  SPHT was beside herself and heaped praise on him.  She thought it was a breakthrough moment.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that Owen spends 82% of his waking hours pointing at things these days.  The gesture was merely a statistically probable coincidence. 

As we were leaving, SPHT reminded everyone that a new Kindermusik semester begins in three weeks.  But I think I'll hold out for a program that better suits Owen's energy level and personality type.  

Like rock climbing for infants or baby paintball.

Shots courtesy of an August photo session we had with Greer.


Coach said...

As usual, I am up late looking at this and enjoy so much seeing Owen in the blue rocky chair. As I went around to visit my teachers last week introducing them to all of my family through pictures, Owen's picture sitting in the rocking chair in the blue picture frame was the hit of the presentation. I love sitting in front of the computer and being able to relive Owen's life through pictures. Thank you Scott and Shelley for making that possible. We went to Audrey's and Travis' birthday party today. They got a lot of gifts and we had pizza to eat along with a princess birthday cake for Audrey and a train cake for Travis. Going to that party only made us look forward even more to coming to Owen's party in a couple of weeks and getting the chance to see all of you. Love, Coach

Aunt_Becky said...

What a trouble maker!! I am surprised the others mothers didn't hiss at you! He is almost a year!! I hope I get to hold him soon! Love yall!

Joe said...

I've never been more proud of Owen than I am after reading this story.

Grandma DD said...

Looks like Mr. Owen is an adventurer! Yeah! When will he be ready to go hiking in the woods and walk on the railroad tracks? When did you take new pictures with the rocker? Very cute. Can't wait to see all of the new pics. You need to look into a toddler yoga class since he did yoga before he was born. He might like that. LOL. I do love to read what you blog. You are very creative, but you have always had the knack for writing. Love all of you very much. Yes Scott, even you. DD

Raimie said...

Too funny! I can relate though. My daughter refused to take a dance or gymnastic class as a toddler. She grew up being a cheerleader and then a Cougar Star. Go figure! I enjoyed the story.... great memories continue to be made!

Kari said...

How cute is he!!!???!! Too precious!!! Great pics!!

Jennifer said...

You're the prettiest mom ever! More pictures of mom and baby! xoxo

Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks everybody! I'm so excited when we get lots of comments. Seven may be a record! We love you too.