Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Lookin'-est Baby

We live about 6 blocks from one of the original MTV Real World cast members, and although I'm not a huge pop culture fan (at least not compared to my fabulous sisters!) I've been known to become giddy over a Real-World-Julie sighting.  In fact, Scott has long since figured out that the question, "Guess who I saw today?" really only has one plausible response.  Which means that now before I can even finish the question, he's already answering in his most lifeless, monotone voice, "iknowiknowrealworldjulie."    

In the 10 years that we have been neighbors, I have never had a conversation with her, but then two nights ago at the park...

Owen and I were out for an evening walk, and we came across Julie and her family having a birthday celebration for one of her children.  I, of course, had spotted her from no less than 50 yards out, and I was doing my best to mind my own business while simultaneously wondering if I would ever be able to wear white jeans as successfully as she was wearing them.  And the next thing I know, she is speaking to me.

Real World Julie:  That's the lookin'-est baby I've ever seen!

Me (poised for this momentous occasion):  Huh?

Real World Julie:  I said he's the lookin'-est baby.  He just seems to watch everything.

Me:  Oh, yeah.  He really likes to... watch... things.

Real World Julie:  I live on -----  Street.  I see you out walking a lot.

Me (panicked that I'm going to give away the fact that I already know exactly where she lives and that maybe she even suspects me of casing her house):  Oh, I only walk that way because I hate walking past the church the traffic is so bad I mean it's really dangerous I live on the corner of ----- and -----.  

Real World Julie (confused and smiling politely):  Yeah... 

Me :  Ummm.  I'm Shelley, by the way.

Real World Julie:  Hi, I'm Julie.

Sigh.  Why is it that I'm 33 years old and still only a half-step away from being the social spaz I was when I was 12?  On the upside, I think it's time to drop the Real World prefix from her name; now she's free to just be my neighbor Julie.  And the next time we run into her, the conversation is going to be effortless.

Because I plan to let Owen do all the talking.



Grandma DD said...

Just sent you an email. I had to go look her up on the web so I sent it to you -- picture and all. LOL Wish I was there walking with you two. DD

Kari said...

He's curious about his surroundings. Thinking things like..."man, when I get old enough to get on that stuff...I'm going to show those big kids how to do it right!" LOL... I always said that Karson was curious about her surrounding...and not nosey!! TO THIS DAY I say that about her!! LOL!! She would be so mad at me if she knew I just said that about her!! LOL!!