Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For my sweetie pie sister


Kari said...

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE PICTURES!!! I love reading your blogs! You are so creative! I still can't believe Owen is just weeks away from his FIRST BIRTHDAY!!! Seems like just yesterday those of us who couldn't be there were getting text messages from DD keeping us updated on how things were with you and "Roo"!! And then the one that said "IT'S A BOY!!!" (I cried - I was so happy for you and Scott and DD, Coach and two of the best aunts in the world)! I've had a rough day today...I needed an Owen pick-me-up and when I saw the new pics, it made me smile more! He is such a little cuttie and those big, bright blue eyes make me smile every time I open your page! Love to all!!


Aunt_Becky said...

Me or Jennifer!? Well it has to be me! I am a sweetie pie right? WHO CARES!!! MY BABY BOY IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh I love him! I want to take pictures with him too! You look like the sweetest little mommy with him!


pb said...

Love those pictures! Ya'll are so cute together. Owen is going to be one years old.....this year went by in a hurry!
Love you all so much.

Coach said...

Once again you and Owen have out done yourselves. Every time I think the pictures can't get any better, up pop some more. I can't believe we will be ther in a couple of weeks. At least you won't have to call us at 4:00 in the morning to get us to come up to see you. Thank you and Scott once again for providing us with such a wonderful grandson. Love, Coach

Jennifer said...

Silly Becky! The pics were for me! Duh! :) xoxo