Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thanks Sarah Elizabeth & Laura!

In exchange for a measly dinner of whole wheat crust pizza, this fun design duo came over last night and created an art installation out of coffee filters, cupcake papers and thumbtacks on our living room wall.  I just love the whimsy of it!  (Please excuse my pitiful photography.)

This photo was our inspiration.  I saw it on Simple Lovely last month and have been secretly hoping to recreate it ever since.  Then Sarah Elizabeth came to stay with Owen yesterday while I went to buy his birthday gift and I happened to mention to her that I was trying to work up the courage to tackle the project, and she said, "What if I come back tonight and bring Laura?" And tada!

Thanks so much ladies!

p.s.  If Scott asks, tell him you think they look like barnacles, not flowers.


Sarah Elizabeth said...

Wow! How great does that look! HAHA J/k. It was SSOOOOOOO fun. Now we can think of other things to use and do it at my apartment! Haha. Did you get all 10 of my e-mails with pictures?

Joslyn said...

this looks great! what awesome friends you have ;-)

Grandma DD said...

Looks good. Can't wait to see it in person next week!

Laura said...

We had a blast last night! Thanks so much for having us over, and for the yummy pizza! We would love to help you with any fun craft/design projects you can dream up! Hope you and Owen are having a wonderful Wednesday! See you soon!

Kari said...