Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Harry Potter of Italy

I woke up missing Italy today.  It's my pesky dreams again.  This time I was going to be there a whole year.  (she sighs wistfully)

Several people have asked about our sleeping arrangements while we were there so I thought I'd post this picture.  Our little apartment had one bedroom on the main floor and a fold-out bed upstairs in the loft.  But the rail for the loft was way too low for it to be safe for Owen to be up there alone, and he only lasted in the room with us for about 3 nights.  The kid just couldn't shut up with us right there next to him.  It would be 10:30 at night and I'd find myself fielding questions like, Can a triceratops run real fast? and Would it hurt if he bit me?  

So we stuck him under the stairs à la Harry Potter.  I told him it was his special cave, and he liked that.  But I did feel guilty on the nights we were having trouble getting him to stay down, and I found myself saying Get back in your closet, Owen!


Grandma DD said...

I love it!! I use to love cozy little hideaways when I was a kid.

Coach said...

I think his Aunt Becky loved closets too. I was in the hospital so many times and I got to bring home all of those foam mattresses and she used to
like to pile them up in the closet and make them into a soft bed, especially when there was a lot of nunder and lightening outside.

Anonymous said...

I think this is one of my favorite posts ever!


Shelley & Scott said...

Aww, thanks Liz!