Monday, July 18, 2011

Philadelphia: The Less Expected Shots

Independence National Historic Park

(l) Scott and an Asian tourist giving the Liberty Bell legs.  
(r)  Took this photo before the tour of Independence Hall began.  
Turns out absolutely nothing important was signed at this desk.

Fireman's Hall Museum

(l)  Love you Jenn!
(m,r)  Remember the scene in E.T. when he raids the fridge in a bathrobe and gets drunk on beer?  
That's exactly what Owen looked like shuffling around in that fireman's jacket.

Phillies (un)Game

We got rained on for 2.5 hours and never saw a single pitch.  That's a shopping bag on Scott's head.

Pat's King of Steaks

(l) Us polite southerners were feeling out of place in the hard core world of cheesesteak ordering...  
and then the biker rally began.
(r)  We shared a table with a street artist who drew Owen and Coach.  
Yeah, I was a sucker and payed for it, and Owen's portrait isn't exactly spot-on.  But it's my favorite Philly souvenir.

Lowe's Hotel Lobby

CPR Convention = bodies in the hall

Elfreth's Alley

Oh, come on!  A random cat photo is totally unexpected.

Rocky Steps, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Owen's version of  planking.  
Thanks for schooling us on what all those other people were doing, Beck Beck!


Rebecca Davenport said...

YAY!! Good post!! I have some good ones, I should do a Guest post!!

Jennifer said...

Yay for photos!!! Love them!

Coach said...

What great memories!! Thank all of you for allowing me to be a part of your lives so I will have these memories to cherish forever. I am so glad your mother got all of you started taking pictures. Jennifer, even though I sometimes pretend I do not want to have my picture taken, I completely agree with you on your statement: Yay for photos!!! I love them as much or more than all of you. I do need to improve my personal appearance.

Grandma DD said...

My comments didn't post at the first of the week!! Sad. Love the review of our trip. I need to make CD and get them to everyone. Love you.