Monday, July 25, 2011

He Bore It!

Well first a big congratulations to Scott's cousin Jeff and his wonderful new bride Holleigh!  You were both so kind (and brave!) to include Owen in your special day.  We loved celebrating with you and wish you many blessings.

I have to admit, I was more nervous at this wedding than I was at my own.  Owen's rehearsal as ring bearer on Friday night was abysmal.  He crawled under pews.  He waited until the most solemn moment in the soloist's song to let out a caveman yawp.  He threw the lacquered wooden ring box across the room.  Twice.  So, so bad.  I was ready to pull the plug on the whole thing.

But a call to my mom on the morning of the big day calmed me down and gave me a plan.  We fed him tons of protein and no sugar; I got him started down the aisle, and Scott's dad waited for him at the end.  Once he spotted his Granddaddy, Owen took off running.  The flower girls were adorably appalled that he didn't walk like he was supposed to, but I considered his performance brilliant.  And he didn't throw the ring box and knock out an old lady.  Even better.

I sneaked down a side aisle while everyone was standing up for Holleigh's entrance, extracted Owen and got him out of there before the ceremony began.  The first thing I asked him was, "Was it scary?"

He looked at me like I'd just sprouted a second head and pulled away from me a little bit.  

"No... can I have some cake now?"


Coach said...

He came through like a champ! I listened while you spoke with your mom and I thought if you just explained to him what was expected of him like you have his entire life he would handle it fine. Sorry you had to worry about this. I am sorry to tell you but it won't be the last worry you will have as a parent. But you and Scott have done an awesome job to this point and I am sure he won't disappoint you next time either.

Grandma DD said...

I love this post because of the outcome. I'm so proud of both of you!! .... And Scott.

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

Oh, how cute is Owen!... I mean handsome! He is getting so big, Shelley!