Friday, July 29, 2011

Trains and Secrets

Had a really fun train play date yesterday.  Thanks for having us G family!

Owen told me he had a secret for me this morning, so I waved him over and gave him my ear.  He put himself cheek-to-cheek with me instead and whispered

Ladies and gentlemen

I asked him if there was more to the secret.

Boys eat muffins

I asked him if there was still more.

Boys and sheep

So there you go blog friends and family.  Guard this sensitive information with your life.


Grandma DD said...

I left a message and it's gone. Something weird is going on. I love the dialog! He is a hoot!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Still not as funny as his rules for the boys club in Philly! I still get told that rule at least once a day!

Coach said...

I can't remember his comment on the rules for the boys club in Philly, but there is so much that goes on in that head of his, you do not know what he is thinking or might say next. This all comes from the many experiences he has been given in his short lifetime. His teachers are going to have a great time with him. I just hope he does not get one that limits his ability to think and say what is on his mind. He needs to be given his freedom. I have at least one teacher if not more that would be perfect for him. She allows the students to express themselves. She not only allows it but encourages it.

Coach said...

Allowing Owen to play with other children is the best way for all of them to learn. Educators and legislators do not understand that today. Children learn through play. School is too academic for children today. We need to let them be kids. Listen to the kids when they are playing with the trains and you will see and hear what they are learning. Building oral language is the most important thing for a child at Owen's age.