Thursday, July 28, 2011

Lunchtime confession

We eat this meal for lunch on a very regular basis.  Can you tell what it is?

Mac 'n cheese with hot dogs.  

I can't decide where this ranks in terms of food crimes.  Is it as bad as SpaghettiO's with Meatballs?  Hot Fudge Sundae Pop Tarts?  Bacon-flavored Cheez Whiz on top of bacon-flavored crackers (that are, disturbingly, shaped like chickens)?

Would it influence your decision to know the hot dogs are kosher and the mac 'n cheese is organic?  


Grandma DD said...

Yum. It's what all of you were raised on.

Coach said...

You can probably guess how many times I ate that in my lifetime. I have watched so many kids Owen's age refuse to eat anything so at least he is eating. I had to go to food services and get a menu made the students at the kindergarten would eat for breakfast and lunch. It is repetitious every week, but they are eating.

Aunt Pam said...

Sort of looks like Gabe's diet! Abby will eat some variety but Gabe is mac and cheese plus weiners kind of person too. At least they aren't starving. He alsp loves chocolate sundae pop tarts too. Yes, they are related!

Rebecca Davenport said...

At least you are not feeding him hot dog soup- ahem.

Kristy @ Next to Heaven said...

My kids love it, too. At least once a week. I did switch to kosher gogs and organic mac to ease my mommy guilt... but it is mostly followed by oreos-lol