Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Day One: Preschool

I just got back from dropping Owen off for his first day of 3yo preschool.  It was so quiet in the car on the way home.  This was his first year to use the carpool line, and he executed his role like a pro, hopping out of his car seat, giving me a hug and kiss, and heading on his way.  He grabbed his teacher Mrs. Dobbs' hand, and she led him toward the building.  Just before he went inside, he gave me the gift of a backward glance over his shoulder.  He didn't seem scared, just a little bewildered.  

My eyes may have welled up a little.

He won't be the only Owen in his class this year.  There's an Owen K. too, so I had to write Owen S. on all his things.  The school provides the red bags, and Owen is pretty proud of it because he saw all the big kids carrying them around last year.

The outtakes: 

The mess on the front porch is from the remnants of Tropical Storm Lee.  Owen and I flew in from Texas just as he was arriving in Birmingham, and it made for a very bumpy end of flight.  I think it was the first time I ever had to look for the barf bag on a plane to make sure it was handy.  Not a good feeling.  Our luggage got rained on so hard when they took it off the plane that a lot of our stuff inside got wet.  Then we got home to discover rain coming in through the back of one of our kitchen cabinets and under our front door.

But here's the upside.  As soon as I post this, I'm going to go start cleaning everything up, and I'll be so busy that it'll be 1 o'clock before I know it.  And then I can go get Owen.


Uncle Joe said...

That bag is bigger than 80% of the luggage I've ever owned

Shelley & Scott said...

Ha! That's why I made a point of saying the school provided it. Wouldn't want anyone to think I'm the one who saddled him with that ginormous thing. Just let Owen know if you need to borrow it for your next vacation.

Anonymous said...

That's our little man. We made precious memories this past weekend. Thank you. XOXOXO. BTW - a train just went through.

Aunt Pam said...

Owen looked so cute with his bir red bag all ready for school. Hope he had a good time! Sorry your trip was so bumpy but so happy you got home safe. I loved seeing you and Owen if for a little while! Love you.

Coach said...

I see several men and women's hearts go walking out of their body (as your mother would say) when they drop their babies off at school. Up until this yer, your mother has been in the hall handing out Kleenex to all of the parents as they walk their children to class the first week of school. That was another thing you did right in raising Owen; allowing him to spend time away from you and gain some independence. Like your mother said, the train whistle makes me want to run out the door to look at it. What fun and memories that was. I want to thank you, your sisters and your mother once again for what my have been the most awesome birthday I have ever had. It makes me love all of you more and more each passing year. As your mother said, it is 6:07 and a train is going by.