Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Did you hear about all those kooky people yesterday who went nuts over Missoni for Target?  

Well, Hi, I'm Shelley, and I'm one of those kooks.  Sort of.  I played it cool and didn't go to Target until lunchtime yesterday.  I figured shelves of Italian designer stuff wouldn't disappear in Alabama the way it could in New York.  

And that kind of snobby thinking landed me where I deserved:  standing in Target with an empty basket and staring at empty white shelves.  All the good stuff was gone.  

So I hit the road this morning and went south to find a Target that at least still had some stuff.  They pepper it all over the store so it's like a little treasure hunt.  (I'm a marketer's dream.)  I scored an expandable file to organize all my homebound students' stuff, a candle for the guest room, a coffee mug for no good reason and a hooded sweater that turned out to be kids' clothing.  I thought I was being sneaky when I found it abandoned back by the dressing room, and I found it strange that a size L would be so snug on me.  I just figured it was mislabeled.  Nope.  Did I buy it anyway?  Yep.

I'll be the envy of the whole 4th grade.

A shot that includes Owen, since that's why most of you are really here anyway  ;)


Anonymous said...

Well, I read to hear your thoughts too, although I am one of Owen's fans!...and I find it sad that I have to go to your blog to catch up on your life given we live less than a mile away!! Miss you, friend! I'll be looking for you to sport the sweater soon!


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there to go shopping with you!!!

Rebecca Davenport said...

Love the hoodie! Good job!!

Shelley & Scott said...

Thanks ladies! I would shop with any one of you any time!