Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Day of Trains: Part 1

Scott had half the day off on Friday, so we made an afternoon of it.  Our first stop was Railroad Park, near downtown Birmingham.  I remember going to a Widespread Panic show 8 years ago at this location when it was just a wasteland near the tracks.  A group of inspiring people, one of whom is our friend Susan, dreamed of making it a green space in the city.  They worked for years fundraising and planning before their vision was made real when the park opened a year ago.  Go here to see the beautiful results.  When I think about how they started with a tiny seed of an idea, climbed mountains of obstacles, and gave our city an incredible gift, I'm so inspired.

I call this shot "More Powerful than a Locomotive..."
You know, except that you can't see the locomotive.

These were taken along the Rail Trail in the park.  Sure wish Owen didn't have 
smoke stack coming out of his head in that shot on the left.  Almost a great shot!

Things got even better when the ice cream truck rolled up.

Scott and I call this shot "Fu(dge) Manchu".  

Playing in the skate bowl and cooling off in the creek
 (the latter of which is evidently against park rules - oops!).

Playing on the two playgrounds.  

Rolling in the grass like a very satisfied labrador. 

Next stop:  An abandoned roundhouse!


Rebecca Davenport said...

You got some great shots!! When are you going to start photographing as a hobby jobby? You can shoot our Christmas cards while you're here!

Shelley & Scott said...

A jobby! I love that term. Would love to take pics of a fun couple like you and Joe. My usual subjects around here aren't quite as cooperative... I get a lot of fake smiles and exaggerated expressions, and not just from Owen if you know who I mean!