Saturday, September 24, 2011


AAAAHH!  The curse of the promised blog post strikes again!

About an hour after that last post, I found myself lying on the floor of our veterinarian's office trying not to pass out.  (Our elderly cat Coby has kidney failure and goes in twice a week for fluids.)  Don't even ask me to think about what I might have been laying in.  Pssst:  How'd I do on the lay vs. lie conjugation there?  All I cared about at the time was getting my blood pressure back up, so hitting the floor before I literally hit the floor was my best option.  Add it to the list of strange and embarrassing places my wonky blood pressure has abandoned me (department store, restaurant waiting area).  And this time in a skirt no less.  At least everyone at the vet's office is female.

They were really nice about it.  One of the techs ran to the convenience store next door to get me an OJ, and they peeked into the exam room often to check on me.  I'd just raise my arm up at them and waive.  (I know the one for choking, but what is the universal gesture for 'I haven't passed out yet' ?)  Owen was there, and he laid out on the floor next to me, sipping orange juice whenever I did and occasionally sitting up to give me a kiss.  Brave, sweet boy.

When I thought the episode had passed, I gathered our stuff and headed to the car, but by the time I got everyone buckled in I was feeling awful again.  So I got out of the driver's seat and went around to the passenger side, put the seat down and laid out again.  After a few minutes, the vet receptionist came out and rapped on the window and half-yelled through the glass to see if I was okay.

"Umm... yeah.  Just in here hangin' out.  I'll be fine!"

Gosh I wish I knew what they were saying about me when she went back inside.

Getting long-winded here so I'll do a speed wrap-up:  Called Scott at work.  He came and drove us home.  Turns out the blood pressure thing was the precursor to a lovely virus.  Thanks to my best friend Phenergan, I slept for the next 24 hours.  Still feeling puny, but much better.

Now on to the promised post:

One night this week, I walked into the living room to find Owen fishing off the back of our couch with his Yoda belt tied to his light saber.  And while I admired the ingenuity, it made me think he needed a real fishing game.

Here's the tutorial we followed.  I bought some safety scissors so Owen could help and some laminating paper for the fish, but otherwise I had all the materials on hand.  

So far he's only broken the fishing pole 7 times, but he likes it!

In summary, I promise never to make a promise about a blog post on here again. 

Unless that promise counts as a blog promise and I'm about bring all sorts of evil juju upon myself...


Grandma DD said...

I'm so sorry you had this happen. A momma needs to be there for her kid! It doesn't matter how old you get, a mom still needs to mother and not smother! I love you first born -- Please take care of yourself!

Thanks for the fishing blog. All kids love magnets!!

Coach said...

One of the girls in our Sunday school class says she has the same problem you do; described it to us perfectly. She told us what her diagnosis was. Maybe your mother wrote it down. Hopefully she did and you might be able to take it to your doctor and he/she can check to see if it might be what you have. I am typing this not feeling well myself since I am preparing for my colonoscopy tomorrow.

Aunt Pam said...

I am so sorry that happened to you. Sure wish you lived closer to all of us so we could help you out. We love you and please take care of you, we only have one of you! Loved the fishing post!