Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday:  Farmers' Market

The lady at the electronics recycling tent is Owen's new favorite person.  He spent 30 minutes standing there reconstructing hard drives.
He's wearing his astronaut jumpsuit, but I'll explain later.  His current dressing habits are worthy of a whole post.

At the farmers' market after the heat forced him to shed his suit and wield only a lightsaber.  See?  Whole post.

Sunday:  Neighborhood Ice Cream Party

Getting a boost for the uphill ride.

A thunderstorm moved in just as Owen finished his last spoonful.  Lucky for us, that meant we were invited into our neighbors' beautiful home!  
I think building friendships with neighbors over treats with sprinkles was the perfect foil to the memories of 10 years ago.


Coach said...

What a fun life Owen has with all of the fun things you provide for him to do on a daily or at least weekly basis. He will remember these days forever and it will all pay off when he enters first grade for the first time. The experiences a child has is much more important to their success than their race or gender. Really their socio-economic status is the most important reason for success, plus the amount of time parents spend with their children reading and talking with them.

Rebecca Davenport said...

I am way behind! I love all the posts! Sure wish we were in Texas with you all to play! Cant wait until October!