Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekend report

We spent the weekend drunk on sunshine.  Owen even has a few new freckles on his pink cheeks because I forgot to put sunscreen on him. Don't fret though; my negligence ended there.  I did manage to remember to protect myself, so I personally don't have any new sun spots or wrinkles to report.  Phew!

It was Big Machines Day at the McWane Center on Saturday, and Owen enjoyed "driving" the forklift and backhoe.  Then the crowds got too big and he wigged out so we had to skip the crane and the excavator.  Seems he's inherited some of my stellar social skills.

Some of the city firemen were there too.  Owen and Scott got a (pre-wig-out) tutorial on how water comes in from the hydrant, gets pressurized, and goes back out through the hoses onto a fire.  But I'm pretty sure Owen still thinks fire comes out of fire hoses. Understandable.  It is a misnomer.  What I don't get is why he idolizes firemen when he actually suspects they're a bunch of arsonists.

(Personal note to Scott:  You make a nice accessory to the fender of that fire truck.)

On Sunday we went to Homewood Park with our congregation after church .  We cooked out, rode bikes, spilled milk, played kick ball and "fished" in the creek.

Owen didn't really play in the game.  He was mostly concerned about the gash in first base.  (No I didn't mistype.  That's not home plate. Everyone knows you use a frisbee for home plate and a home plate for first base when you play church kick ball.)

So how was your weekend?  Did you have nice weather in your part of the country?  A cold front is coming through here tonight so it looks like Owen's going to have to start wearing his shoes again.


Grandma DD said...

These pictures just make me smile. But it also makes my heart break because I want to be there, too. You will never know how much these posts mean to me and your dad. They make it feel like we are there, too. Love you all so much and I'm counting down the days until we are there!!!!

Jennifer said...

Good update! We had a sunshine filled weekend too. My arms a little red/sunburned from our bike ride. I loved it! I hope no more cold fronts come this way...I want it to stay 75 forever!!

and p.s. Scott looks hunky in his black t-shirt! :)