Tuesday, February 1, 2011

B & A: Laundry Room

I've still got one final coat of paint to put on the trim and a lot of organizing to do in the closet and cabinets, but those things don't show on the internet so that means it's debut time!  The 'befores' are on the left and the 'afters' are on the right.

As usual, I got all excited about getting the process going and didn't get a good photo of the original walls.  You can see the former grey wallpaper just peeking out from behind the door on the left below.

And there are just a few remnants of it left in this before photo.  

Our main purpose for the mini-renovation was to get more usable storage space out there.  The room is a trapezoid and has a really awkward angle in the corner to the left of the window.  The black and white cabinetry that was originally there was only partially usable because the left-side drawers and cabinet opened into the wall.  With some floor space planning help from Sarah and the handyman skills of Tim, we flip-flopped the arrangement, added a butcher block countertop over the washer and dryer for clothes folding space and put in a tall cabinet on the right.  The funny angle still leaves us with a tiny awkward space to the left of the washer, but I have my eye on a basket at Hobby Lobby that I think will fit perfectly.  I'm just waiting for it to have it's 50% off week.

Here's the drying rack I whined about a few weeks ago.  My parents took pity on me and drove into their Ikea in Houston to buy it.  That's just one of the goodies that came in the mail the other day.

The sign on the side of the cabinet in the bottom right photo is the other goody.  My Papa owned his own appliance store for decades in my Texas hometown, and my grandmother Meme had a gift shop next door.  I have a gob of wonderful memories of playing there while my mom worked.  I remember riding a red toy motorcycle all through the aisles and going out to the warehouse and crawling through empty appliance boxes.  The big refrigerator ones were my favorite!

And Owen is so proud to have his own hooks to hang up his stuff now.

So that's all for the laundry room.  Next up is Owen's bathroom.


Grandma DD said...

Wow! This looks great!! This house is looking more like a home! The love is coming through!!

Aunt Pam said...

Everything looks really nice. Great job!

Shelley & Scott said...

Thank you! Did I tell you ladies that I had a dream the other night that you two were helping me bake cupcakes? Yum!

Aunt Pam said...

I wish we were able to do all those fun things. I miss you every day. Love you much! Hugs to all of you.

Coach said...

Your creativity continues to show in everything you work on. If we are able to come down over Spring break, we might be able to give you hand on some of the things if you need it.