Wednesday, February 9, 2011


You'll have to look fast and maybe even replay it a few times, but the look on Owen's face before he runs off cracks me up.  
And there's something comic about his footsteps pattering away too.  But it may just be me...

I haven't done any updates on Owen's vocab in a while, so here goes:

  • Dark Vader:  The bad guy from Star Wars  
"Dark Vader is a bad guy he hits people wif his wite sabo."
  • omlick:  A common brunch item made from eggs
"Mommy can I have wots and wots of cheese in my omlick?"
  • pook:  vomit, regurgitation, that which has been hurled
"Dat's pook.  Coby pooked.  He got pook awl over the bafroom flo."


Jennifer said...

I like the breathing/panting. I assume that's him and not you. xoxo

Shelley & Scott said...

I'm mostly sure it's him.

Grandma DD said...

What's the story behind the video clip?