Friday, February 25, 2011


One of the pine trees on our property got Marie Antoinette'd (or John the Baptized if you have a more masculine view of the forest) by the storm last night.  As soon as we heard the snap and crash Scott and I took off - him to survey the damage to our property and me to grab Owen and head for the basement like I was starring in Places in the Heart.  

You can decide which of us has our priorities straight.

Other than the obvious casualty, the felling only damaged a little Japanese maple in the side yard.


Grandma DD said...

You didn't mention this in our phone conversation????

Rebecca Davenport said...

I had not been here in a week! So many fun posts to read!! Love yall. Can't wait to see Owen's little passport!

Aunt Pam said...

WOW, how scary! I would have done what you did and Ralph would have done what Scott did! LOL
Glad ya'll were ok. Love ya!

Coach said...

I know this is late and your mother and I have since been there to see first hand what happened, plus your mother has helped you cleans what she could. Hearing about it and seeing it just makes me happier we spent the money and had all of the pine trees cut down in our yard. Every time I hear of storms going through Birmingham, I am so glad you have a basement to go to.