Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day!  Owen is off at MDO right now partying and exchanging valentines.  I know I said this last year about not making homemade cards anymore, but I'm a liar.  I can't keep myself away from the glue and pretty paper and heart-shaped punches.  Can you tell which part Owen was able to help with this year?  And the idea for the card was not mine; I found it here.

Owen finally noticed last week that the Thomas the Train he's been playing with for 2 years is just a cheap decoration off a birthday cake, and he asked if he could have a "real wood Thomas" to replace his "real plastic" one.   So we got an official Thomas for him, wrapped it in Valentine's Day paper and had it waiting for him on the breakfast table.  When he saw the package he said, "It's kinda flat.  So, soooo dat means it's pwobabwy jus some clothes."

Owen this morning before school with his valentine box full of notes for his friends and his new Thomas.  


Aunt Pam said...

He looks so cute getting ready for MDO. Abby and Gabe went to their party today. They were excited too! Happy Valentines to all of you! Love you much!

Anonymous said...

OMG !! He is so dog-gone cute. Whooooo do you think he belongs to? I love my little Valentine!!!! Smooch, smooch, (((((HUGS))))) XOXOXO

Rebecca Davenport said...

Happy Valentines Day Owen!! Love you guys!