Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bubble Buddy

One week ago today it looked like this, and so far today we've been outside riding bikes, playing soccer, blowing bubbles, throwing frisbee, chalking the sidewalk, feeding the birds, having a picnic, playing at the park and chunking rocks in the creek.  Is it really going to be an early spring or is this a cruel joke?

(You can tell I have a lot more to learn on my camera.  All that beautiful sunshine wreaked havoc on my exposures.  Good news is I get more practice tomorrow because the weather will be just as beautiful!)


Jennifer said...

I love your pictures! You're doing a great job. xoxo

Coach said...

You should feel right at home, it looks like Alabama has the same sudden weather changes as Texas does. It makes it difficult to stay well and get over a cold. You will so many pictures that will bring back so many memories. Thank you for sharing so often.

Grandma DD said...

Can't wait to see our little man!! I want to blow bubbles with him!